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We Offer Fast, Accurate, and Court-admissible DNA Paternity Testing.

Legal DNA Testing
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Non Legal Home Kit
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Non Legal Office Visit Test
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Noninvasive Prenatal NIPP
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DNA Tests in Belton, Missouri

Do you want to establish the paternity of your child with the alleged father while you’re still pregnant? Or do you wish to determine your biological relationship with your alleged family members?

Choice DNA offers the most extensive DNA Testing and Legal Paternity DNA Testing in Belton, Missouri in more than 7 locations. Call us now at (800) 219-4362. If you're pregnant you can get your child’s DNA analysis done as soon as 7 weeks into your pregnancy and get the test results in as little as 3 working days all at the most affordable prices by getting a paternity test in Missouri!

Choose the test that aligns perfectly with your needs!

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Non Legal Sibling Office Test (2 Siblings Full Or Half)
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Non Legal Grandparent Office Test (1 grandparent, 1 child)
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Non Legal Avuncular Office Test (1 Aunt or Uncle, 1 Child)
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Affordable DNA Paternity Test – Choice DNA

Are you eager to ensure a safe and accurate prenatal experience for you and your baby? Look no further than Choice DNA's revolutionary Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT), designed to provide expectant parents with valuable insights into their baby's health without any risks or discomfort.

As an expecting parent, you want the best for your child, and being equipped with crucial genetic information early on can make all the difference. Choice DNA's NIPT offers a cutting-edge solution that eliminates the need for invasive procedures, making it a safe and stress-free option for both you and your baby.

Our state-of-the-art technology boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 99.99%, putting your mind at ease while providing you with reliable results. The test analyzes fetal DNA present in the mother's bloodstream, assessing the risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Patau syndrome. This means you can make informed decisions about your baby's healthcare with confidence and peace of mind.

Types of DNA Tests You Will Encounter at Choice DNA

Apart from paternity testing, we are open for: 

  • Infidelity Lab Tests
  • Noninvasive Prenatal DNA Testing
  • Ancestry Testing
  • Relationship Testing
  • Immigration Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Court Ordered DNA Test

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

Grandparent DNA Test (if the father is not available for testing)

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What benefits will you receive with Choice DNA?

Experience Unparalleled Certainty: When it comes to determining paternity, Choice DNA stands as a beacon of unwavering dependability. Our advanced Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing, combined with rigorous adherence to legal protocols, guarantee unmatched precision in every result we provide.

Trust as Our Cornerstone: Whether you seek personal satisfaction or require court-admissible evidence, we are fully devoted to delivering accurate and reliable results that you can confide in without a shadow of doubt.

Affordability without Compromise: We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to reliable paternity testing without financial strain. At Choice DNA, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget, while upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence.

DNA Testing Services in Belton

Nestled in the heart of Missouri, Belton boasts a strategic location that serves as a hub of opportunities, attracting both residents and businesses alike. Situated within the Kansas City metropolitan area, Belton enjoys easy access to major highways, making it a convenient and thriving community for families and entrepreneurs.

Belton's growing population and the rising birthrate underscore the need for a cutting-edge DNA testing facility like Choice DNA. With an increasing number of paternity disputes and court-admissible cases reported, the demand for accurate and reliable DNA testing is at an all-time high. Moreover, instances of infidelity cases have been on the rise, necessitating discreet and professional infidelity DNA tests.

Non-invasive prenatal DNA testing has become a vital resource in ensuring the health and well-being of newborns. With a steady number of abnormalities detected in newborns, our advanced NIPT services at Choice DNA offer expectant parents peace of mind and informed decision-making during their pregnancy journey.

So, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today and alleviate all of your concerns once and for all.

How to schedule an appointment with Choice DNA? 

Scheduling an appointment with Choice DNA is a hassle-free process. You have the option to book your appointment online via our website or by contacting our customer service line and speaking with one of our representatives to schedule over the phone.

Paternity Test Kit

In case you are unable to visit our DNA testing center, our home DNA test kit can assist. It is simple to use and can be purchased via our website. Order yours now!

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