Woman laying down with baby.

Is it a Boy or a Girl? Find Out Now

Is it a boy or a girl? You won’t know until your baby’s first ultrasound, and this isn’t able to take place until the baby is at least 14 weeks along. And even though it may now be possible to reveal your baby’s gender, this can still be a difficult and inaccurate task for ultrasound technicians until the baby is much further along at 19-20 weeks. Of course, waiting this long for your new baby’s gender to be revealed is also a difficult task. Fortunately, new advances in technology have now made it possible to identify fetal gender at as early as seven weeks. With our Before Birth Gender Reveal, you have the ability to identify whether you will be having a boy or go through the collection of a simple blood sample. To learn more, reach out today at (800) 219-4362.

What is a gender blood test?

This type of testing, also sometimes done as part of what is known as Noninvasive Prenatal Tests (NIPTs), uses blood collected from the mother for early identification of a baby’s gender. This type of testing differs from some of the genetic testing done in the past, which sought information such as markers able to determine certain genetic disorders. These tests often took place during what is known as an “amniocentesis”. With today’s blood tests, including those offered by our professionals, geneticists do not even have to look at individual cells to identify the baby’s gender. It is a simple process overall, and yet despite its simplicity provides great accuracy in determining gender.

Simple Yet Effective Testing

Though it may sound complicated, especially given the high accuracy offered by this kind of testing, the process of having a before birth gender reveal is actually quite easy. Expectant mothers need only collect a small sample of blood, which is then analyzed in search of a “Y” chromosome. If analysts identify this chromosome, they can tell the mother is having a boy – if not, a girl. The team at Choice DNA Testing makes the entire process easy, with results available just two business days from the receipt of samples. Not only that, but with our testing process we are able to determine a baby’s gender with an accuracy upwards of 99.5% – the highest currently available. In addition to this testing, DNA paternity testing and testing for health issues are available from our team as necessary. If you’re interested in a before birth gender reveal, reach out to our team by calling (800) 219-4362.