Forensic DNA Testing

Forensic DNA is often used in the course of solving a crime, but it’s also useful in issues revolving around inheritance, relationship to a deceased person, infidelity and other cases of suspicion.

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We are highly skilled in this type of DNA collection and are aided by state-of-the-art technology. The lab we use, DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) is accredited with the American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB. We’re proud of the expert assistance we can provide to our clients.

If you need information about forensic DNA testing, call our team for answers today. We are experts at gathering forensic DNA evidence and are here to help.

Types of forensic DNA

From our labs, we can analyze a DNA sample in a variety of ways. They include:

Short Tandem Repeats (STRs):  Our genetic code is made up of many repeated sequences, all of various lengths. The short repeats are especially beneficial for identifying human beings. People inherit one copy of an STR from each parent, but they don’t have to match up in terms of how many times they repeat. This variable nature makes STRs very personalized to an individual, which is why they’re helpful in forensic DNA testing. They can be used to identify victims, a perpetrator and missing persons, among others.

Y-STR: This type of Short Tandem Repeat is only found on the Y Chromosome in males. They are very useful when it comes to investigating sexual assault evidence. When the victim is tested, the DNA may include this component; if so, it will be easily detected because females don’t have this and it will be amplified. Testing for Y-STRs is also beneficial when there is more than one perpetrator of a crime. 


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Mini-STR Testing: There are times when DNA evidence at the scene is either minimal or has been degraded. Thanks to relatively new technology, this testing system can take a smaller sample and magnify it so that it can be utilized. Thanks to this innovative technology, certain cold cases have the possibility of being solved.

Forensic Paternity: This type of test is helpful after crimes such as rape or incest. It can also help identify missing persons through family members who are available to be tested.

For more details about forensic DNA testing, contact Choice DNA today. Forensic DNA evidence can be an invaluable tool for getting answers.

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