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These days, it’s very common for companies to test their employees for drug usage. It’s simply a smart idea; having a “clean” workforce will save the company money and will also ensure safety.

Urine testing is the standard way of screening for drugs because it is accurate, easy, and reliable. But there are other ways to test for substances; we can examine the hair, for example. This method allows us to test for drug use over a longer period of time. For every inch and a half of hair, we can glean results of drug use from the past seven to 90 days.

We can also test via oral fluids such as saliva. Although urine is the preferred method overall, these other options might be optimal in some cases.

If you need to know more about our drug testing services, contact Choice DNA today. We’re the company to call for top-notch drug screening in the workplace.

Top-notch drug screening

At Choice DNA, we’ll test for a wide variety of drugs, including the ones that are most commonly abused. We can also screen for the newer ones on the market, including “bath salts,” synthetic marijuana, and synthetic amphetamines. In addition, we test for prescription drugs, including methadone and more.

Testing employees for these types of drugs is very important because it ensures that your employees are healthy and safe. In some cases, a person will try to use subversive methods to get around taking a test; they may buy synthetic urine to replace their own, for example. But that won’t work with our tests; we can detect the difference and will report it back.

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No matter what type of DNA service we’re providing, we treat every case with the utmost sensitivity, respect and confidentiality. Call our staff today for a free phone consultation, during which we’ll explain everything you need to know about drug testing. With more than 6,100 locations nationwide, we’re conveniently located! Our ever-expanding network of affiliates is ready to get to work for you.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our drug testing services, call our team for answers. We have the experience and expertise that you’re looking for — and we always offer the fairest prices.

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