Ancestry Lab Testing

For many people, looking into family histories is a fascinating pastime which can glean all sorts of information about where they came from.

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Ancestry lab testing is performed to determine your bio-geographic ancestry and can open many more doors to your past. What better way to find out about your relatives from long ago than to research your genetic makeup? Your DNA is passed down from generation to generation, so this type of testing will reveal much about the history of your family.

We offer the following tests, so call us for pricing details:

When you purchase a test, which is produced by AncestrybyDNA, you’ll receive an easy-to-use collection kit, with cheek swabs and instructions; a personalized certificate PDF that lists your ancestral percentage; and an AncestrybyDNA results manual PDF, which fully explains your results and offers further information about human migration history.

So for top-notch ancestry lab testing at affordable prices, contact Choice DNA to get started. An ancestry DNA test can reveal scores of information about you, and our services are both inexpensive and fast.

We offer the following tests, so call us for pricing details:

Having ancestry lab testing done is a wonderful way to research your possible ancestors, and it could likely open up additional windows of information to look into about your family.



Our tests provide you with an estimated percentage of ancestry from four different population groups: Indigenous American, European, East Asian and African. It does not identify a person’s race, but instead gives an estimate of genetic heritage. You can, for example, find out what region of a particular country your ancestors came from.

How does this work? Your DNA will be compared to scores of records from around the world. The report will then determine what populations you match, as well as the migratory patterns of your ancestors. From the personalized map, you’ll be able to see your family’s connections to many parts of the world.

This type of testing is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about his or her heritage. So if you’re interested in discussing ancestry lab testing with us, call our team for more details. An ancestry DNA test can also open many other windows to the past!