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Convenient Home Testing

Home paternity testing: There’s no scenario more convenient or stress-free for participants than being able to swab their own cheeks and their child’s at home. Affordable with 1 – 2 day results. $180.

Order Legal DNA Testing

A legal DNA paternity test (with court-admissible results) for child support, child visitation, adoption, deceased and immigration. Prices start at $320 and includes professional DNA collection.

Order Prenatal NIPP Testing

Find out results before the baby is born. Payment plans available. Mouth swab from dad and blood draw from mom. This state-of-the-art option uses blood samples from the mother and the alleged father to determine if they are both the baby’s biological parents. DNA from the baby is present in the mother’s blood while she’s pregnant, so this is why this works. We also offer a more traditional method of prenatal testing, which tests the amniotic fluids in the placenta.


Convenient Home DNA Sibling Testing

The private home sibling test kit option is suitable for those individuals who wish to find out the truth about a full or half sibling relationship. Affordable 3 – 6 day results. $250.

Order Personal Office Testing

Prices start at $175 and includes professional DNA collection. Very fast results. We’re one of the few accredited laboratories that allow patients to come into a local clinic to be collected even if the test is not being used for legal purposes. This becomes especially convenient for families that aren’t comfortable collecting their own DNA with a home test kit. We’ll do the collection for you and erase all worries of you collecting the DNA incorrectly. The PhD will still sign the results and run the test twice. We take all the hard work off your hands as it relates to the collection process.Call and set up an appointment at a local office. Immediate appointments available. 800-219-4362

Why choose Choice DNA for your DNA testing needs?

We are dedicated to providing you with reliable findings you can rely on as a pioneer in DNA testing and other personalized diagnostics. Our efficiency of results can benefit you in many ways, Ancestry lab testing, Home DNA Kit, Court Admissible DNA Testing, prenatal NIPP testing, Forensic testing, DNA Face Matching and Face Comparing. Choice DNA is proficient in NIPP testing and helps you in DNA testing while pregnant before delivery, with the best DNA test lab at economical prices. If you’re searching for a reputable DNA testing facility, our convenient locations make it easy to access our services.

Our DNA testing centers can be used in legal DNA test proceedings, such as child custody or child support cases, including professional DNA collection and approved by CAP (College of Pathologists), AABB Accredited Laboratory, and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements, Amendments).

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We’ll provide the answers you seek

A paternity test can be crucial when it comes to arranging for child support, custody, visitation or other reasons. Because we’re committed to offering legally admissible paternity tests at a fair price, our cost is $320. This will be performed via a simple cheek swab, which will take about 15 minutes total. Please remember to bring valid photo identification with you at the time of testing.

As for the child, the test can even be done before he or she is born, with a blood test from the mother and the alleged father. The baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s blood before delivery, so our expert technicians can pinpoint each person to see if there is a match or not.

Your results will include a complete genetic profile of each person who was tested, along with a description of what was found in layman’s terms. You’ll also receive a legal document that will be admissible in any courtroom across the country. If you need us to forward the results to a specific lawyer or court, please let us know and we’ll take care of it for you. If you don’t need the information to be legal, you can opt for our home DNA testing services kit. The results are still 100% accurate and reliable, and you’ll be able to perform the test in the privacy of your own home. Simply mail us back the swab in the prepared package, and we’ll take it from there.

Top-notch DNA testing services for families

Families that want to immigrate to the United States are obligated to prove that they are all related. Documentation such as birth certificates and school records go a long way, but there are instances in which the government wants to know a bit more. This is when a DNA test comes into play.

In these cases, the person who has petitioned for immigration will be tested, as will all of the beneficiaries that are coming into the Country. This is a legal test that determines the fate of where you’re allowed to live, so it’s very important to have the test done correctly. In fact, it’s strongly recommended that you ONLY use a lab on the AABB Association for the advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (formally the American Association of Blood Banks) website. This will assist in the results being admissible in any court or governmental agency across the Country.

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Here is a helpful pointer: Whatever lab you chose be sure they will mail you a copy of your results personally and send them to the appropriate Embassy / USCIS immigration office.

If you have trouble reading any of this information one of our consultants will gladly walk you through the entire process of immigration testing and refer you to the proper local lab.

If you have questions about DNA testing services, you’ve come to the right place. Our company offers the most reliable DNA testing services available anywhere.

Ensure Workplace Safety with Choice DNA Drug Testing

The most common type of drug testing in the industry is from urine, but there are other low-cost alternatives as well. With Choice DNA testing services, we also can test for substances through a person’s hair or saliva.

We can screen for not only the most common drugs on the market, but also for ones that are starting to create issues, including “bath salts,” synthetic marijuana, and prescription drugs.

More and more companies are relying on drug tests to ensure a safe and productive work environment. It also saves time and money to have employees who are free of drug abuse.

Of course, some people try to cheat the system by using synthetic urine that they’ve purchased for the test. Our technicians will be able to determine whether what they’re testing is real or fake, so those who try this scam will be caught.

Would you like to know more about our DNA testing services? Give us a call today. We’re here to help!

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