Our Testing Services

photo of a familyAt Choice DNA, our services go beyond paternity testing or evaluation of other relationships. We are experts in all areas of DNA testing, which include the following:

  • Ancestry lab testing: For those who are interested in genealogy, these tests can provide a fascinating peek into your family history. This will help determine where your ancestors migrated from, and may open many new doors to discover. Call us for pricing details.
  • Infidelity lab testing: There are times in life when you may suspect that someone is being unfaithful. We can provide answers through our DNA testing, which examines an object (clothing, condoms or a variety of other things) for the presence of DNA that is not recognized. This means that if the DNA comes from someone other than you or your significant other, it could be a sign of infidelity. We will provide the results with the utmost discretion and care.
  • Noninvasive prenatal testing: This state-of-the-art option uses blood samples from the mother and the alleged father to determine if they are both the baby’s biological parents. DNA from the baby is present in the mother’s blood while she’s pregnant, so this is why this works. We also offer a more traditional method of prenatal testing, which tests the amniotic fluids in the placenta.
  • Court Admissible DNA testing: If a couple is not married at the time a baby is born and there are questions about who the father is, the court will likely order a DNA test to determine the facts. This is an important step in establishing child support or custody issues. The test will be administered following all legal rules, so it will be admissible in any court of law across the country.
  • Immigration DNA testing: Any family that wants to immigrate to America will have to produce documentation proving who they are. In many cases, these documents (such as school records) aren’t enough to ensure immigration, so the government may request that a DNA test be performed to prove the family relationship. We’ll take care of every detail and ship the results to the immigration office for you.
  • Forensic testing: This type of DNA testing can be very helpful in solving a crime, so we regularly work with law enforcement agencies and investigators. But it is also beneficial when it comes to issues about inheritance or whether someone is related to a deceased person. We’re experts in this area and are here to help.
  • DNA Face Matching and Face Comparing: FACE MATCHING™, Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity, and Ancestry Face Matching assist in manually scanning the structure of the eyes, chin, forehead, jaw edge, the thickness of lips, width of mouth, dimples, eyebrow patterns, nose radius, ear size, the structure of cheekbones, etc. in depth. DNA Face Matching / Comparing and Ancestry Face Matching has advanced from a 16 Point Facial Connectivity system to a 68 point system to assist in determining the genetic relationship of an alleged family member. The fee for the BASIC Package is $28 and the fee for the PRO Package is $53.

Our testing services obviously cover a wide variety of issues. Call us today to discuss the many types of DNA tests that are available to you.

State-of-the-art technology

photo of familyWe have many affiliates across the country who are here to work for you to provide the answers you seek. We send our tests to the DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), which is accredited with the American Association of Blood Banks, or AABB. This is very important when it comes to getting accurate, legal results each and every time.

So if you’d like to know more about our many testing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are many types of DNA tests available to you these days, and we’ll go over each one.


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