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Healthy Weight DNA Testing

Identify Key Genetic Factors Affecting Your Weight

Are you struggling with your weight? If so, you’re not alone. From obesity to difficulty gaining weight, millions of people must face these issues on a daily basis, and even with a basic understanding of weight gain and weight loss, getting to a healthy weight can be a real challenge. However, with new technology capable of identifying key genetic factors connected to your weight, you can receive information that makes it possible to optimize your efforts. With fast, affordable service and thousands of locations nationwide, you can get this information quickly and begin making progress. Get more information by calling (800) 219-4362 today.

Body Type Testing and Analysis

With our DNA testing services, we analyze genetic traits in four key areas. These traits can be connected directly to your weight loss or they can be factors affecting the way you feel and the way your body functions on a day-to-day basis. Each will give you superior insight into how your attempts to gain or lose weight may be affected by your body itself. By examining gene combinations in each of the four areas – weight loss ability, food, nutrients, and response to exercise – we are able to provide a detailed examination of your weight-loss ability and a strategy you can begin to implement for improved success.

Understanding Your Personalized Report

Our Healthy Weight DNA testing will come with a personalized report. It is in this report you’ll receive information regarding your weight-loss ability along with your weight loss success strategy, tailored to your individual needs. Information in your success strategy is not only designed to meet your individual needs but based on the latest research to provide the best possible strategies for you to follow.

Ordering Healthy Weight DNA Testing

If you are interested in this revolutionary DNA test and program, you can order it today. This non-legal DNA testing service is available for $150 for testing done at your home and can be done in the office for an additional $50. Results including your personalized report are available within 28-30 days. Note that other forms of genetic testing are available as well, including analysis of your skin’s genes and analysis of genetic sensitivities, such as pet dander and certain foods. Learn more or order your DNA test and program today by calling Choice DNA Testing at (800) 219-4362.

$150 Healthy Weight DNA Testing  (28 – 30 days to complete)

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July 2024