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We are committed to offering DNA testing resources at an affordable cost to anyone who needs them. We strive to take the confusion and uncertainty out of your decision on choosing which DNA testing service is right for you. Choice DNA shows you what forensic tests are offered and explains the benefits of each testing option

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DNA is such a valuable tool when it comes to discovering information about ourselves and other people, but that hasn’t always been the case. It wasn’t until the 1950s that scientists discovered that DNA is passed down from generation to generation.

New discoveries about these amazing molecules are being revealed all the time. In the past, for example, a paternity test using DNA was reliable, but not as much as it is now. The old version promised a CPI (Combined Paternity Index) of 100 to 500, which is still admissible in court. Compare that with today’s best tests; they offer a CPI of a minimum of 10,000. What does that mean? It means that the number would guarantee the likelihood of paternity at 99.99% or higher. Conversely, if the man is not the father, the results would come in at 0%.

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DNA is obviously a very powerful investigative tool, and we are the experts to consult when you need a test. Whether you need testing for immigration, drug testing, paternity, ancestry questions or any other reason, contact us to get it started! We also specialize in noninvasive prenatal DNA testing, which simply requires a blood sample. Our DNA testing services tell us so much about ourselves and the people we’re related to, so it can be crucial in getting the answers you’re seeking.

If you have questions about DNA testing services, you’ve come to the right place. Our company offers the most reliable DNA tests available anywhere.

Did you know that Choice DNA has more than 6,100 locations across the country? There is very likely one near you — and if there isn’t, we provide a mobile service and can meet you at your home, office, hospital, or any other location. We can also mail you a DNA kit that you can use in the privacy of your home.

Our trained consultants provide accurate, top-quality DNA testing services and treat every case with the utmost confidentiality and respect. During your initial free phone consultation, we’ll explain the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

We provide a variety of DNA-testing options for you, ranging from paternity tests to immigration testing to noninvasive prenatal tests and much more. Our legally admissible paternity test costs $320 because we believe in offering such services at a fair price to everyone. 

Want to learn more about us? Choice DNA treats every case with the utmost respect, confidentiality, and care. Call us today to get started with yours!

DNA Results You Can Trust

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When you use our services, you can rest assured that you’re getting accurate answers to every pressing question that can be solved through DNA. Every step of the testing process — from sample collection to lab work to reporting — is done with the utmost care, so you can be confident in knowing that the results are to be believed.

Thanks to our world-class technology and expertise, we can provide you with the most advanced results available. These days, the most accurate paternity tests involve polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of short tandem repeat (STR) loci. That’s very scientific, but what it comes down to is this: This test can determine non-parentage as a 0% chance that the person is related, and if the results are positive, the likelihood of parentage will be greater than 99.99%. In other words, this is a test to be trusted.

Our company is proud to be of service to a large legal-services community. The staff — which includes a full-time geneticist — provides everything from sample collection to chain of custody quality assurance and expertise in the interpretation of results.

We are also one of the leaders in DNA testing for family and immigration law firms, general practitioners, corporate clients, and consumers alike.
So, if you’d like to know more about us, Choice DNA is here to provide answers and additional information. Call us today to discuss your situation and how we can help!

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