At Choice DNA, we understand that the process of collecting samples and getting results from the lab can seem complicated. We’re here to help! Below are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions:

Do I need a doctor’s order or a court order before a test can be done?
No. In most cases, anyone can have a DNA test performed. In New York, however, a prescription from a doctor is required.

How is a DNA sample collected?
You have three options for getting the sample taken: a local collector can come to you; you can go to a lab near your home; or a DNA kit can be mailed to you. This will contain special cheek swabs known as “buccal swabs.” You take the swab and rub it gently inside your cheek to collect the sample, just as you may have seen on television. Afterward, you’ll place the swab in a special envelope included in the kit, which also contains return packaging.

Does the age of the child matter?
No. In fact, new noninvasive technology allows us to test a baby’s DNA even before he or she is born. We can also test newborns using umbilical cord blood. The preferred method of testing is from a cheek swab, and that can be done as soon as the baby is born. It’s quick and painless to the infant.

How long will the DNA kit last?
The shelf life is four years if you haven’t used it. But if you’ve taken a sample, it will be good for testing for up to three months.

Is the test confidential?
Yes, completely. Your results will only be sent to whomever you specify, and you can also protect your files with a password. The packaging sent to your address is discreet, and your information will never be used for anything other than your DNA test and results.

If you have any questions for Choice DNA, we’re happy to provide answers. Read on to get more information from our list of FAQs.

How long does it take to get results?
We can normally complete the test within two to five business days from the day that we receive the samples in our laboratory. Feel free to call us (using your password and ID number) to get preliminary results; the final documentation will then be mailed or emailed, depending on your preference.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, we do. If you want, you can pay 50% of the cost upfront and then pay the remainder when you’d like to get your results. You can also pay in whatever increments you’d like. We’ll start testing right away, but the results can only be obtained when your balance has been paid in full. For more information on the plan, call our staff at (800) 219-4362.

Can people live in different cities and still get DNA tests performed?
Yes. We have an ever-growing DNA Network, so it will not be a problem to schedule a lab visit at a nearby collection facility, or have one of our collectors visit your home. Once both parties have been swabbed, we’ll start the testing process.

What other types of testing do you do?
We perform a wide variety of tests, including those of a forensic nature. This is when someone sends us an object to get the DNA from it. These could include cigarette butts, hair, dried blood, dried urine, underwear stains, razor shavings, brushes, chewing gum, licked stamps and even wind instruments. Our state-of-the-art technology can glean results from all sorts of objects.
We also perform relationship tests to determine if, for example, two people are siblings or not. And for those who are concerned about possible infidelity, we can run a test to determine if the DNA sample came from just one person or more than one individual. Call us for more information on what we can provide.

If you have more questions for Choice DNA, please don’t hesitate to call our helpful staff! These FAQs will get you started, but we realize that every situation is different. Contact us today to get started!