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Food & Pet Sensitivity

Examining Eight Common Areas of Sensitivity

Learn More About the Irritants Affecting You

Our world is filled with irritants of many different kinds. But while it may be a challenge to avoid those encountered outside the home, learning more about your body can help you keep some of the most common irritants out of your home and off your plate.

Our Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA testing reveals your individual sensitivity within eight key areas, and with this information, you can begin taking the steps to better your health right away. If you’re ready to learn more about the Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA report from Choice DNA Testing you can reach us at (800) 219-4362.


A variety of foods are included in your Food & Sensitivity DNA testing. These foods are notable for causing a range of problems, from brain fog to joint pain and stomach issues. This makes identifying your sensitivities and removing them from your diet a simple way to quickly improve your overall health. Our team is able to identify potential predispositions to sensitivities by examining and analyzing sensitivity-specific DNA markers.  Foods and food categories included in testing are:

Additionally, Food & Sensitivity DNA testing will identify other potential sensitivities, including pet dander. Through the examination of certain key elements, we can identify whether your current allergies are due to the family cat or dog. This testing service can also identify histamine intolerance, allowing you to avoid a range of foods and beverages as necessary to improve your overall health.

Your Personalized Analysis and Report

Once your testing has been completed, you will receive a report detailing your overall results. Additional features of your Food & Sensitivity report include information you can use to begin improving your health immediately, such as lifestyle and dietary advice to help keep you more comfortable and supplements that can be used for the management of any identified sensitivities. Various creative and tasty recipes are also included to better suit these changes.

Arrange Food & Pet Sensitivity DNA Testing

If you’re ready for Food & Sensitivity DNA testing, we encourage you to reach out. These tests can be done at the home or in a Choice DNA Testing office for an additional $50 and results are available in 28-30 days. Prices for testing begin at $130. You can also learn more about other genetic testing, including genetic analysis of your skin and analysis of weight loss potential. For more details, reach out to us today at (800) 219-4362.

$130 Food & Pet Sensitivity (28 – 30 days to complete)

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