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Why a DNA court ruling matters

Let’s say an alleged father agrees to pay his portion of child support. If he fails to do so, there’s no legal recourse for him in the event that a DNA test was never performed. The court will not be able to make any orders regarding this situation.

On the other hand, if the man welcomed the child into his home and acted as if the baby were his, the court can rule that to be “parentage by estoppel” and make the paternity declaration that way.

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We’ll perform the test by swabbing the cheeks of the mother, alleged father and child. We can do this by having a consultant come to you or by the participants going to one of our many locations across the country.

The cost of a court-ordered, legal paternity test for one child and one alleged father is $320. The cost to test the mother does not change or increase.

Want to learn more about what is involved in court-administered DNA testing? Call our office today for answers.

The cost for paternity tests are as follows:

  • Legal paternity test (one child and one alleged father): $320

Our home paternity tests are 100% accurate and confidential. So, if you need any further information about DNA paternity testing, we’re here to help. A paternity test will provide definitive answers about a child’s father.

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