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When Do You Need Forensics Testing?

When Do You Need Forensics Testing?

A lot of you probably watch and enjoy shows like CSI. Well, those jobs exist, even if they get a little…overplayed…in the television shows. However, forensics testing doesn’t only happen inside of criminal proceedings, it provides useful information in other situations as well. Here, we’ll go over when you might need forensics testing.

Possible Uses:

  • Criminal Investigations: the most common use for forensics testing, it also makes for the most entertaining, if only when done on fictional television.
  • Inheritance: disputes regarding inheritance can often get solved with this service.
  • Missing Persons: if tragedy strikes, and a deceased person becomes unrecognizable, this service can help identify a loved one.

Choice DNA provides many types of forensic testing, including STR, Y-STR, Mini STR, and Paternity Testing. If you need to take advantage of this service, you’ve come to the right place. Please give us a call at (800) 219-4362

June 2024