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What is a hair DNA test, and why should you know about it?

What is a hair DNA test, and why should you know about it?

Hair DNA is based on the genetic substances that are used as building blocks for our hair. Additionally, our hair follicle has nucleic acid DNA in it. On the other hand, the hair shaft has mitochondrial DNA in it. It has the potential information regarding how your hair grows and what would be its color, strength, texture, and its response to UV damage.

Even in this modern age, it is impossible to completely change the blocks of your hair DNA, for example, going from straight to curly hair. However, there is a possibility, like when a mutation happens in your body, like cancer. Additionally, there is also a possibility that the bonds in your hair are breakable, and this is the reason why your hair changes throughout your life.

DNA testing service providers can use hair follicle samples to perform paternity testing. There are many times when a mother, child, or father may want to know about the paternity, and hair follicles can really help in achieving this task.

Can Hair be used for DNA testing

Absolutely! DNA in hair can be used for testing at Choice DNA. Our advanced testing methods allow us to extract genetic material from hair follicles, providing a reliable source for analysis. Whether it’s for paternity testing, ancestry exploration, or other genetic insights, our expertise ensures accurate and conclusive results. Trust Choice DNA to unlock the secrets hidden in every strand, offering clarity and understanding through the power of DNA in hair.

How long does DNA last in hair, and what is the process of this DNA process?

There is a set of rules and regulations that must be followed when performing a hair DNA test. In addition, you should also know that when collecting the samples, make sure that the hair follicles must have a root. If there is no root, the DNA testing result is not reliable. Similarly, the DNA that is used for evaluation resides in the roots.

Moreover, when performing paternity evaluation with the help of follicle samples, you need to have a minimum of 8 follicles with roots. Always place these hair samples in a Ziploc bag where no external element violates their integrity. Additionally, the bag should be labeled correctly so that it would be at room temperature and the moisture does not compromise the samples. However, this kind of problem has not been seen in any of our client’s samples, but it is worth mentioning as a precaution so that your precious time and money won’t go to waste.

Furthermore, there are also many other scenarios, like when a forensic or hair sample is needed to perform paternity testing when the possible father is dead.

How accurate is a DNA test with hair?

People usually ask what the accuracy is regarding the paternity test with hair. The success rate of this test is up to 80%. However, you should also keep in mind that the way samples are handled and kept safe plays an important role during the evaluation process.

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What do hair follicle tests cost?

The hair follicle test may range between in$150 to $300. In addition, the price of this DNA test will depend on many factors, such as the number of people involved in the test. If there are many people who are involved in the test or there is only one person taking the Hair DNA test. You should come to Choice DNA so that you can have a better understanding of what we do.

How long does it take to receive my hair testing results?

The turnaround time of hair DNA testing is three business days from the time lab receives all genetic samples. Additionally, you should also know that there multiple things that come with the hair paternity self-collection kit.

There would be a chain custody form where you should write the names of the parties who are going to be involved in the DNA test. Afterward, there would also be buccal swabs. This can be used if only one person’s hair sample is needed to be tested. Moreover, there would also be sample collection envelopes. Furthermore, there would also be instructions for sample collection.

How does the hair age?

Just like the skin, the hair’s DNA can get damaged with time. Most of the time, we look at the aging signs on our faces, hand, and neck while forgetting to look at our scalps, which also age the same as our skin and takes the same damage. There are many factors that can affect the overall health of our hair, like tight hairstyling to washing our hair with too hot water, and there are also environmental stressors that can slow the nutrients and blood flow of the scalp that affect the growth of your hair.

There are many other changes that make the hair’s DNA age, like chemical, mechanical and hormonal. When hormonal changes happen, the follicles are the ones responsible for this change, and this enhances the production of oil, and the hair gets greasier. The mechanical changes happen in the shaft of the hair and are mostly caused by heat styling. On the other hand, chemical changes mainly happen due to changing the colors or texture of the hair.

Most of the time, people tend to notice their hair age once they get their first gray hair in their thirties. However, these changes may be happening for quite some time now. Additionally, with time the cells in hair follicles responsible for producing melanin reduce, which makes the hair grow in white or gray color. As the hair DNA ages, your hair might get dry or coarser, but it is not a real texture change. The reality is that your sebaceous glands that are attached to your hair follicle are not producing enough oil.

DNA testing hair without root

Most of the time, hair is thought to be low productive evidence at a crime scene. The rootless hair shaft 

with a low template and degraded DNA is very difficult for proper hair DNA testing. Additionally, there are alternative forensic testing that can help us to recover the genetic material from the rootless hair that produces productive DNA results that play an important role in forensics.

Suppose you are someone who is looking for hair DNA testing and does not know what to do. There is nothing to worry about. Choice DNA has everything you need. Come to us, and we will help you with your DNA testing requirements.

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