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What is a DNA Test? Time & Safety Guide

What is a DNA Test? Time & Safety Guide

What is DNA Test Time Safety Guide

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is the genetic material that makes up our genetic code. This genetic code holds the instructions for making all the proteins in our body and carries hereditary information that makes us unique from all the other individuals in the world. We inherit our DNA from our parents, which is why our DNA is similar to our parents, siblings, and all other family members.

Since we all share our DNA with our biological parents and family members, simple DNA analysis can help people determine their ancestry, parentage, or biological relationships with other individuals. 

There are many instances where it is necessary to perform a DNA test such as in cases of adoption, alleged paternity, child custody, child visitation, inheritance, immigration, forensics, and more. A medical report can help prove that the two individuals are related by comparing the similar genetic markers present in both the DNA samples. 

How Long Does a DNA Test Take?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people is how long does it take to get the DNA test results. The time required to generate the results for your DNA test typically depends on the type of DNA test required. It can also vary depending on the DNA testing company that is performing the tests for you. 

At Choice DNA, we offer a number of DNA testing services, including the DNA paternity test, Ancestry Test and Pet Testing. All these tests involve different techniques and procedures and take different periods to complete. 

DNA Paternity Test and Family Testing

A DNA paternity test is performed to establish the relationship between a child and an alleged father. This type of DNA testing requires a sample from the child and the alleged father/father for comparing the genetic markers. 

The test is fairly simple, and you can expect to get the results in 3-5 business days. However, this may vary depending upon the complexity of the case. For example, it might be hard to determine who is the biological father if the alleged fathers are both siblings. In that case, our experts use a high-end technique to analyze more genetic markers than usual for getting accurate and conclusive results. As you might expect, this type of DNA paternity test will take more time to complete than usual.

Ancestry Test

This type of DNA test helps you establish your ancestry. It may take up to 12-14 weeks to generate results since our experts need to analyze a large number of autosomal, YDNA, and mtDNA markers and then compare the results with an extensive set of reference samples available in the database to find out about your ancestral roots. We also provide complete information about your ancestry and explain your bloodline in a personalized booklet that is sent to you along with the test results.

Safety Protocols and Guidelines for the DNA Tests

It is very important to carry out DNA tests as carefully as possible in order to get the most accurate results. At Choice DNA, we follow the most extensive safety protocols mandated by the federal authorities of the USA to generate results that are conclusive, accurate, and legally acceptable. From sample collection, isolation, and protection to analysis, our experts follow the necessary safety guidelines with complete care because we understand how important these results are for you.

For people opting for a home DNA kit, it is important to follow the instructions mentioned on the kit properly. Make sure that all the swabs are completely safe and isolated until the samples are delivered to the nearest collected center.

Get Fast and Accurate DNA Test Results

At Choice DNA, our mission is to provide DNA testing services that are not only fast and affordable but accurate as well. We make it our utmost priority to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for our clients who need to get a DNA test done. Our experts are well trained and experienced to handle the most complicated and complex cases with professional skill and accuracy and generate results in a matter of a few days.

Want to know more? Visit our site for complete details about our services or give us a quick call to talk to one of our experts for a free consultation today. 

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