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Three DNA Testing Surprises

Three DNA Testing Surprises

Three DNA Testing Surprises

DNA testing can reveal much about a person’s background. It’s not uncommon for the test to leave people surprised and confused, as it can reveal unexpected ancestral elements. For some populations around the world, DNA has revealed massive surprises. In fact, the results of a DNA test can sometimes force a re-evaluation of accepted history.

DNA Test Surprises

The shocking findings from the saliva sample you send out on a whim are shocking! Your ChoiceDNA test revealed relatives who are considerably more interesting and diverse than you could have imagined. Maybe a surprising relative by means of DNA testing emerges as someone whose family history combines uniquely with yours. Alternatively, health signs that previously indicated unknown risk factors returned. Perhaps anything as simple as a dislike of ginger or the build of the muscles of sprinters was buried deep in your DNA.
Our genetic histories mingle, move, and remix in fascinating ways. Thus, be ready for your ChoiceDNA findings to cast doubt on some preconceived notions, erase some unresting feelings, unveil hidden personalities, and provoke feelings ranging from sadness to pride. With the help of DNA, you will embark on a journey of adventure that surprises you at every step.

Icelandic Native Americans

A 2010 study of the DNA ancestry of Icelanders revealed about 80 people who shared Native American DNA. This suggests that, 500 years before the arrival of Columbus, Vikings explored North America and returned home with a Native American woman.

Chinese Romans

The small village of Liqian in northwestern China revealed a major secret through DNA testing. About two-thirds of the villagers can claim Caucasian origins, though no one quite understands why. The leading theory involves the so-called “Lost Legion” of Roman soldiers. After a catastrophic battle, the legion fled east, where they presumably became absorbed into the local population.

Cheddar Man Descendants

The so-called “Cheddar Man” is a 9,000-year-old skeleton found in England’s Cheddar Gorge. DNA testing of the skeleton’s teeth found three local descendants: two young students and a history teacher. The maternal line of this group is truly remarkable, as it persisted unbroken within the same general area.

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