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FAQ: The DNA and Paternity Testing Process

FAQ: The DNA and Paternity Testing Process

DNA double helixThe process of DNA and Paternity Testing can seem complicated and confusing. Don’t let uncertainty drive you away from finally being able to answer your questions about paternity and biological relationships! Here we walk through several frequently asked questions about the DNA testing process, and remember, our team of friendly technicians is standing by 24/7 to answer your calls and any questions you may have! 

How is my DNA sample collected?

Your DNA sample can be collected in a number of convenient ways: a kit can be mailed to your home, a local DNA collector can come to a location of your choosing, or you can visit a local lab. If you choose to collect the sample on your own with the mail-in kit, detailed instructions will be included on how to properly swab your cheeks for your sample.

How long will it take to know the results?

Choice DNA normally completes analyzing results within 2 to 5 business days after the sample arrives at our lab. Your results will be returned to you very shortly after.

Will anyone know I have taken a DNA test?

No. Our testing is completely confidential. The mail-in collection kit and any other correspondence is discreetly labeled, so only you will know the results.

Our team of experts leads the DNA testing industry in accuracy and affordability. Call us at (800) 219-4362 to request your DNA test today!

May 2024