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The Accuracy of DNA Testing

The Accuracy of DNA Testing

dna double helixDNA testing is a clear-cut method to answer some of life’s most complicated questions, but can the reliability of these tests be trusted? To help you understand the process of DNA testing and how reliable the results are, we walk you through the basics here. If you have questions about the reliability of testing or how it is conducted, our technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to personally walk you through the process.

Choice DNA strives to provide the most reliable DNA testing available, and because of our commitment to accuracy, we utilize PCR testing. PCR testing, or polymerase chain reaction testing, makes many copies of the segment of DNA that is analyzed for a genetic relationship. More DNA to work with and analyze means more accurate results.

All human DNA is approximately 99.9% similar, so the other .1% is used to distinguish one human’s genetic profile from another’s. Typically, 6 to 10 markers on the varied .1% of DNA is examined against another profile for similarities. Genetic profiles from two related persons naturally share more of the same markers if the two people are related closely and less as the family tree extends.

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