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Testing For Sibling Relationships

Testing For Sibling Relationships

Human nature allows us to develop deep connections to the people around us, whether or not we are related by blood. But there are certain times in life where clear, conclusive evidence of blood relationships are truly important. Maybe you are a parent of two children wanting to confirm their sibling relationship, or you are two adults with the desire to affirm your bloodline. Whatever the circumstance may be, Choice DNA offers confidential and affordable sibling relationship testing. 

 Finally, Resolution to Your Questions.

Choice DNA offers several of the most reliable sibling relationship tests in the industry. By examining the genetic markers of a person’s DNA sequence, evidence of a full sibling relationship, half-sibling relationship, or no genetic relationship will be revealed. Checking a certain number of genetic markers, either 16 or 22, a technician will be able to determine a relationship. Choice DNA offers these affordable, reliable tests:

  • Non-legal 16-marker test (1 mother & 2 siblings): $400
  • Non-legal 22-marker test (1 mother & 2 siblings): $500
  • Legal 16-marker test (1 mother & 2 siblings): $450
  • Legal 22-marker test (1 mother & 2 siblings): $575

Advances in technology allow us to answer some of life’s most difficult questions. Confidentiality is key at Choice DNA so you can fully relax and trust us with your questions about sibling relationship testing. Call our professional team today at (800) 219-4362 

July 2024