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Paternity Test While Pregnant: Your DNA Testing Options

Paternity Test While Pregnant: Your DNA Testing Options

pregnant womanIf you are expecting a child, you are busy enough preparing to welcome your little one – don’t let questioning the paternity of your baby cause you stress. To help ease your mind, the testing specialists at Choice DNA offer several options to conduct a paternity test while pregnant. Here we walk through the details of prenatal DNA testing to help you smoothly move forward with bringing your child into the world.

What DNA Test is Right For Me?

Taking a paternity test while pregnant takes one of two forms: noninvasive and invasive testing. Noninvasive testing is able to detect the child’s DNA in the mother’s blood after the ninth week of pregnancy. By analyzing a blood sample from the alleged father alongside the blood sample from the mother that contains the child’s DNA, this test concludes whether or not the man is the father.

Invasive or traditional DNA testing takes a sample of amniotic fluid from the mother’s womb to analyze the child’s DNA profile alongside the alleged father’s. This procedure is conducted in a medical office, but the DNA samples are shipped to our own Choice DNA laboratory for analysis so you can be assured of the reliability of the results.

Your Paternity Test While Pregnant

Our trained technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 219-4362 to help guide you through our discounted DNA testing process and answer any questions you may have.

DNA Test while Pregnant near me

You’re in luck if you want to take a DNA test while pregnant near me. Prenatal DNA testing services are provided by Choice DNA, a facility that specialises in this area, ensuring that you can get precise and trustworthy results to answer any queries or worries you may have regarding your child’s genetic makeup. These tests, which frequently use non-invasive techniques like a blood draw or cheek swab, can reveal details on many aspects of your baby’s health and growth. If you’re looking for a nearby facility that does prenatal DNA testing, please speak with your doctor or do an internet search to identify a respected and practical testing centre. Please always seek a healthcare practitioner’s advice to determine which testing method is most appropriate for your needs. Because health is the foremost priority of a pregnant woman, two lives are attached, and the best is to be chosen. Choice DNA is the best option, whether that is a home DNA kit or a lab DNA test.

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