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Paternity Test: 6 Situations Where A Paternity Test Is Necessary

Paternity Test: 6 Situations Where A Paternity Test Is Necessary

While getting a paternity test can give you a lot of relief and knowledge, there are other reasons that paternity testing is necessary. Whether it be for a legal reason or to gain peace of mind, there are many reasons to get testing done. Here are four situations where a paternity test is completely necessary.

6 Reasons To Get A Paternity Test


Child Support

Child support is one of the top reasons paternity testing is necessary. If you are unsure of who the father is or need to prove someone is the father of your child, paternity testing is a necessary step to get child support payments.

Custody Of A Child

When a father wants to have custody of his child, he might have to undergo a paternity test to determine if he is the biological father.


A  test in regards to immigration is necessary when there is no legal documentation like a birth certificate is unavailable.


If you were adopted and want to know more about your biological family testing is a great way to go. It can also help when you need personal information in regards to immigration, inheritance, etc.


Sometimes it is unknown who legally receives an inheritance and DNA testing can help establish who is a rightful heir.

Social Security or Life Insurance

Both go hand in hand with inheritance as you need proof of paternity if the father has passed away.

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