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Paternity Testing: Why Home Tests Are Not Court Admissible

Paternity Testing: Why Home Tests Are Not Court Admissible

Photo of paternityDuring child support and custody battles, paternity of the child may come into question. In these instances, the court may request a paternity test be completed. These days, your pharmacy section may have an at home testing kit that one can complete for DNA testing. You may wonder why, then, should you go to a DNA testing lab instead of just getting one of these handy kits. There are many reasons why, but there are two that are the most important in a paternity situation. 

The Difficulties of Home DNA Paternity Testing

People Can Cheat The Test

While you may never consider this, some people do go out of their way to cheat the test. The at home system is more of a peace of mind test, a quick way to make sure for those who wonder about the paternity of their child. However, when it comes to serious situations such as court, people can tend to hedge their bets to make things go their way.

Non-Court Admissible

As easy to pick up as these tests are, the fact they are cheatable and the potential for mishandling make these tests non-court admissible. Again, while you may not have ever considered such actions, there are people out there who have had this happen. It can be infuriating to take a personal paternity test to find out later that you cannot submit it to court. For this reason, it is best to start with a legal, court admissible DNA test.

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April 2024