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6 Myths About Paternity Tests

So you need to have a paternity test done, but you’ve heard all types of rumors and hearsay about them. Choice DNA is here to put all of your worries to rest. Here are some of the most common myths about paternity tests.
  1. A test cannot be taken without alleged father: If the possible father is unable or unwilling to take the test, the DNA of the grandparents can be used if they share enough DNA.
  2. Lack of confidentiality: It’s understood that the parties involved have to be protected. This is the exact reason complete confidentiality is practiced.
  3. Painful: Today, paternity testing is the safest that it has ever been. Although, there are still tests that use blood samples, swabbing the mouth of the participants is just as accurate and completely painless.
  4. Ruins relationships: It actually depends on the outcome of the test  and what exactly you’re hoping to be the result. The main reason most people request a paternity test is to get closure of some kind. Knowing the results can help participants move forward in their lives and even help bring some people closer.
  5. Very expensive: Because of the widespread demand and technology advances, paternity tests have become more available across the market at reasonable costs. Technology improvements have also made the tests even more accurate.
  6. You have to wait until after birth: Actually, paternity tests can be taken as early as 11 weeks after conception. It’s as simple as getting blood samples from both the mother and the father.
So when you’re looking for a reputable DNA paternity test, contact Choice DNA. We guarantee quality results from the comfort of your home. Contact us at 800-219-4362 or
June 2023