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Marvels of Ancestry Testing

Marvels of Ancestry Testing

The incredible advances of today’s technology allow us to take a peek back in time. Through state of the art analysis, a person’s bio-geographic ancestry can be traced from their genetic make up. DNA is passed down through each generation, creating a sort of guide that can be used to peer into a person’s genetic past. Different people groups from all regions of the world are equipped with unique genetic structures that allow for precise pinpointing of a person’s genetic origins and relationship to people groups.

Genetic Origins in the US

The long history of immigration in the United States often complicates genealogical tracing. The precise indicators of DNA testing can help eliminate confusion and cross barriers that hinder traditional genealogy. As more and more Americans pursue ancestry testing, many are discovering Native American heritage in their genetic make ups. A unique group descended from African and European ancestry settled in the Cumberland Gap area of Appalachia, now called the Melungeons, and more Americans are now learning their family history through identification of their Melungeon DNA.

Americans enjoy an intricate, vivid history of ancestral origins. Ancestry DNA testing is an efficient method of looking into your past and learning about your beginnings. Call Choice DNA Testing today at (800) 219-4362 for definitive answers on your past!

June 2024