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Is a Paternity Test Required For Child Support?

Is a Paternity Test Required For Child Support?

Is a paternity test required for child support

Who pays for a court ordered paternity test?

A court ordered paternity test is very different from a normal paternity test. A normal paternity test is done for one’s peace of mind or personal reasons to confirm the relationship between the father and the child. However, the court ordered paternity test is done for legal reasons like finding paternity cases like child support, inheritance claims, child visitation rights, and child custody. 

  • Legal paternity tests are also done when a guy is falsely accused of being the father so the woman can claim child support. 
  • Or in cases when the biological father refuses to provide financial support to his child. 

Hence, court ordered paternity tests can really be of wonder in such family cases.

The fees that are paid for the normal paternity test are done by the person who is going through the test because he is doing it for his reasons and hence has to bear the cost. However, the responsibility of paying the fees for the legal paternity test depends on why the test is happening and who wants the test done: the mother or the father. 

Normally, in legal cases, the mother is the one who is seeking to establish paternity, and hence, initially, she pays for the test. However, if the test result confirms paternity, then the father has to reimburse all the money to the mother, and if the test result comes out false, then the alleged father is not required to pay any money.

How to request a DNA test for child support?

The role of a father in a family is very crucial as a father is responsible for providing for the family and mainly the children. In case of divorce or separation between couples, it is the legal duty of the man to pay some money to her ex-wife so that she can support their child. This money that the man gives is necessary at all costs, and it is a legal rule that the man has to pay money so that his child can live a better life.

In case a couple gets divorced, and the man is not willing to provide the mother with money for child support, a woman can go to court and ask for child support through a Child support paternity test. To request child support, you need to hire a family law attorney who knows all about such legal cases and is a professional. 

Once you’ve hired an attorney, then determine the legal basis for your test and file a petition to the court. Once the petition is filed, it will be sent to the other party so that they can reply. There will be a hearing conducted that would require both parties to attend the court. 

If the court says that there are enough reasons to go for the paternity test, then a legal paternity test would be asked for by the court. The court will tell you about the procedure of how and from where you should perform your paternity test, and then the court will analyze the results.

Is a DNA test required for child support?

Child support is an amount that is legally decided, and the father has to pay that amount to support his child financially till the age of 18 years. The purpose of this amount is to make sure that the child is getting the necessities of life, like living expenses, food, clothing, education, and healthcare. Child support cases are only solved by the family courts, and the amount of the child support depends on various factors like income, etc.

Whether the DNA test is required for child support depends on the situation surrounding the case. 

  • In cases where paternity is not established, or both parties are contesting it, then a DNA test is necessary so that the court can establish paternity, and then the man can pay child support. 
  • Moreover, in cases where a man is falsely accused of being the father to claim child support in such cases the DNA of the alleged father is extremely crucial to getting the result. 
  • Hence, a DNA test is only done when both parties are contesting, and when paternity is established, there is no need for a DNA test 
  • Also, in situations where both parties acknowledge paternity, then there is no need for a DNA test for child support.

What happens after paternity is established for child support?

Child support is financial aid that the father is bound to pay so that his kids can live in peace with basic life necessities like education, healthcare, a place to live, and money to have food. This amount is very important as this can really change the life of the child. The father is responsible for providing for the family. 

In cases of child support, when a woman claims a man to be the father, and the man is contesting that I’m not the father and I’ve been falsely accused, in such cases, a DNA test is required to establish paternity. Once the test has been performed and paternity is established, then a child support order is made in which all the information, like the amount to be paid and frequency of the payments, etc, are finalized on a piece of paper. 

In many cases of child support, the income withholding takes place where the amount is automatically deducted from the father’s income. There are other arrangements of payment setup that take place so that the flow of money can be easily made.

Where can I get a paternity test for child support?

A paternity test is easily available at DNA testing facilities and labs. However, a paternity DNA test for legal purposes, like child support, is often requested directly by the court. The court only accepts test results from a court-approved facility. These testing facilities are authorized by the court to perform legal DNA tests, and hence, their process is quite meticulous and carefully curated.

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