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Infidelity DNA Testing

Infidelity DNA Testing

Suspecting that your partner or spouse is cheating on you can be one of the worst feelings possible. The advances in today’s modern DNA testing can help answer many of life’s toughest questions, even those relating to infidelity. Here we discuss a basic outline of testing for infidelity with DNA. Infidelity testing starts by submitting an object that you suspect may be involved in the affair, along with a DNA sample from both you and your partner. The object is examined for the presence of a third DNA profile – one that does not match the DNA samples you submitted. We commonly test for DNA on sheets, towels, clothing, tissues, condoms, and many other items. We understand exactly how stressful your situation can be if you speculate that your partner may be unfaithful. This is why we are committed to accuracy and confidentiality above all. Let us ease your concern by offering reliable, accurate DNA results. The nature of infidelity testing requires the utmost confidentiality, and we take extra precautions to help you discretely answer your questions.

Choice DNA Infidelity Testing

Infidelity testing can have a big impact on your life – don’t take chances with inaccurate, unreliable results that provide false results. Call Choice DNA today at (800) 219-4362 to get started with the most trusted infidelity testing available. 

Semen Detection

Detects a protein only found in semen
7 – 10  working days

DNA Detection

Detects if DNA is Male and/or Female DNA is present on a sample
7 – 10  working days

DNA Comparison

Compares the DNA profile from a tested item with a (buccal swab) sample
7 – 10  working days

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