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Immigration to the US and DNA Testing

Immigration to the US and DNA Testing

American FlagThere is much discussion these days in the media about immigration into the US, especially when it comes to refugees. Much of it is a result of fear — some warranted, some not — but it does raise the valid question for many in terms of what is actually required for someone to legally find a home in our beloved country.

The process is very complex, and many variables are taken into consideration regarding the appropriate steps and terms required for resettlement to take place fully, eventually resulting in US citizenship. In the meantime, the reason for relocation is often what determines which documents are required and how many people are eligible for such immigration terms. For example, both existing US citizens and green-card holders can petition for visas for spouses or unmarried children to join them in the states, with established citizens having more pull for additional family such as parents or even siblings who live in another country.

In cases where documents accompanying the individual are not considered conclusive (or may not be available), such as birth certificates or school records, DNA testing may be required as part of the lengthy application process to establish that relationship. Such testing can be valuable for determining that a son or daughter attempting to immigrate under a family visa, for example, is in fact related as they say they are. These results can be extremely helpful for the overall case, and are a much simpler way to establish relations when the originating country doesn’t have the infrastructure or processes in place to support alternative documentation.

The number of immigrant visas allowed, which is essentially the first step in gaining full, permanent citizenship, is capped in certain categories based on the type of immigration. These include family-based, employment, based, refugees and asylees, and other forms of humanitarian relief.

To learn more about the immigrant visa process, visit the U.S. Visas page. If DNA testing is required as part of the immigration case for a family member or friend that you’re supporting or sponsoring, call us at [nw_data field=phone] to learn more about  immigration DNA testing! We’ll send the results directly to the immigration office and make this step one of the simplest in the process for your loved one.

June 2024