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How Much Does a DNA Test Cost?

How Much Does a DNA Test Cost?

DNA Test cost

Our DNA holds the genetic information that opens a window to our ancestral genetic journeys.  From establishing biological connections to finding genetic health traits, DNA testing has revolutionized everything. With the modern twist of science and technology, DNA testing empowers individuals to get a clear insight into their ancestral genetic history.

Buckle up and embark on the journey of the DNA world with us. In this journey, we will be highlighting the significance of DNA testing and focusing on how much DNA tests cost.

DNA Testing; Decoding the Genetic Blueprints:

Exploring the genetic makeup and determining the biological connections with DNA testing has gained enough popularity in the fascinating world of DNA. DNA testing involves comparing and analyzing the genetic profiles of individuals.

DNA holds all the genetic information, and DNA testing unveils all the mysteries behind these genetic traits. From determining geographical origins to estimating ethnicity, DNA testing assists in establishing ancestral genetic connections and revealing our family history.

Significance of DNA testing:

DNA testing refers to developing biological connections by evaluating the genetic makeup of an individual. From determining paternity to establishing genetic linkage between siblings, DNA testing holds importance.

  • DNA testing empowers individuals to develop a clear understanding of their ancestors and geographical origins. Deep knowledge of their biological roots and family history aids in revealing their true identity.
  • DNA testing is a remarkable tool for solving crimes. In the forensic world, DNA testing stands out and assists in criminal investigations.
  • In legal matters of child custody or inheritance claims, DNA testing proves to be a powerful tool.

How Much Is A DNA Test? Types:

Depending on the type of DNA test you choose, prices may vary. Choice DNA offers an extensive range of DNA testing at an affordable cost.

Here are some types of DNA testing that you can opt for.

Paternity test: 

Paternity testing is a sort of DNA testing to determine biological connections between a child and an alleged father. This can be done by evaluating the shared genetic markers in their genetic profiles.

A paternity DNA test is the most common test, and how much it cost for a DNA test is always a question. Choice DNA maintains the credibility of DNA testing while giving you reliable and conclusive results. The costs of different types of paternity tests are as follows.

Ancestral DNA testing:

DNA testing opens a window to getting genetic insight into our family history. Ancestral DNA testing gives genetic information about our ancestors by revealing their geographic origins. Looking for affordable DNA testing services, while searching, how much do a DNA test costs? Choice DNA offers ancestral DNA testing at a conventional and reasonable price. Whether you are determining maternal ancestry lineage or paternal ancestry lineage, the cost varies.

  • Geographic origins: $175
  • Determining maternal lineage: $209
  • Determining paternal lineage: $150
  • Determining both lineages: $275

How Much Is A DNA Test While Pregnant?

Have you ever wondered if you can get a DNA test while pregnant? Recent medical advancements have revolutionized the genetic world by introducing prenatal paternity tests. Choosing affordable DNA testing while wondering, how much does it cost to get a DNA test? is always crucial.

Prenatal paternity testing:

The prenatal paternity test involves determining the biological father of an unborn child. This test can be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is crucial to consult your doctor before going for this test.

A non-invasive prenatal paternity DNA test costs $1,495.

An invasive prenatal paternity test costs an additional $490 for testing a prenatal sample.

Home DNA paternity test:

Explore the genetic makeup and find the biological connection in the comfort of your home with a home DNA paternity test kit. Choice DNA offers an affordable at-home DNA paternity test kit while solving your query of how much are DNA test.

Get accurate and reliable results with a home DNA paternity test kit. The cost of a home DNA paternity test kit is $199.

Infidelity DNA testing:

Get a clear insight into your relationship by knowing if your partner is cheating on you. The infidelity DNA test, offered by Choice DNA, is here to ease your pain. This test will give you clarity by giving you informed answers.

How much does it cost for a DNA test is no longer a problem for you. The cost of infidelity DNA testing is $250.

Face DNA testing:

Face DNA testing involves comparing the facial prints and analyzing the facial structure to determine a biological connection.  

This sort of DNA testing is available in basic and pro packages. The basic package is available for $38, while the pro package will cost you $63. 

Affordability of DNA testing:

What type of DNA testing should I choose? Is this type of DNA testing reliable? How much does a DNA test cost? These are the few questions that come to mind while looking for affordable DNA test service providers.

Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA with Our Testing Services

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Choice DNA is here to answer all of your queries regarding the affordability of DNA testing. We offer a variety of DNA tests at reasonable prices.


The prices of all the available DNA tests vary depending on the type of test and the company offering them. From establishing biological connections with the father to determining genetic health traits, Choice DNA offers a wide range of DNA tests. It empowers individuals to gain genetic understanding while giving you the answer to how much are DNA tests

We provide swift, accurate, and reliable results for DNA tests starting from $38.

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