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How Does a Home DNA Kit Work

How Does a Home DNA Kit Work

It seems to be the “thing” to do these days, but what is a DNA testing and what is the purpose? DNA testing is a medical test typically by a blood draw, sometimes by hair sample or saliva sample and until the past few years, has always been done in a doctor’s office or other medical setting. Today, there are home DNA kits

The original purpose of  DNA testing was for family medical history and crime solving. Archeologists can use DNA testing to research and record genetic codes and the progression of earthly life over the centuries, forming a DNA database. Scientist working on space research use DNA testing on unknown species and unidentified articles from space too. 

DNA testing by a doctor’s office is typically to assess any possible health issues of an unborn child. This can include any risk the child may have in certain diseases that are genetic, like cancer. With this early of detecting, there is a hope to find a way to stop the spread. 

Today, a DNA kit for home is used any of the following and may be court ordered or done with home DNA kits:

  1. Tracking down relatives to renew and reunite families. When many of the members in a family are deceased, we can now use home DNA kits to confirm biological connections through grandparent and sibling DNA testing.
  2. For paternity testing, typically this is court ordered to definitively confirm the paternity of a child for legal reasons such as child support. A home DNA kit may be used to provide a peace of mind for a suspecting parent. 
  3. Today, more people are interested in their family tree than ever before, and this has made the home DNA test kit for siblings and other family members popular. Through this testing, we are able to find the genetics of our ancestors and our ethnic origins going back centuries. 

Where can I buy a home DNA kit?

Home DNA kits are available at most, if not all, major drug stores and retail stores such as CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens Walmart, etc. These home DNA kits are inexpensive to purchase but the test itself still has to be sent off to a lab for testing. The lab fees are in addition to purchasing home DNA kits. 

The home DNA kits are the collection kit only and once you have the results, they are only viable for curiosity of paternity. They have no legal standing in court. However, they may give support in pursuing more information about paternity rights and hiring an attorney. So, while using home DNA kits is tempting for the curious or suspecting person, you should consider the following: 

  • Home DNA kits are more expensive once you pay the lab fees to process the DNA samples. 
  • Home DNA kits are not legal evidence in court. 

How much is a home DNA test kit?

Home DNA kits can start as low as $30 for paternity purpose and go into the hundreds for ancestry and genetic purposes. There are different types of home DNA kits, with some being more concentrated and detailed. 

Are home DNA kits reliable?

Not always, and home DNA kits  can leave important information out that you may other should know about your genetic disposition. Home DNA kits are not completely 100% accurate when it comes to health information, and any false positive or missed results could mislead a person when it comes to serious health issues. 

Is it safe to use DNA kits?

For under $100, ancestry and genetic mutations can be discovered by millions of Americans today. In fact, over 12 million have purchased home DNA kits, but they are not a risk-free testing.  The financial, healthy, and privacy aspects of a person’s life can be destroyed by the results of home DNA kits. Five serious issues with using home DNA kits are: 

  • Inaccuracy 
  • Vulnerable to database hacks
  • Genetic information is often sold to highest bids 
  • No anonymity
  • Genetic data can be used and against a person(s)

Anyone that is going to purchase any of the home DNA kits, no matter what level of details you’re looking for or regardless of what you pay, you need to following the home DNA collection kit instructions so that you know how to do a home DNA kit correctly. Call (800) 219-4362 today for your home DNA testing kit!

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