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How Do I Read My Paternity Test?

How Do I Read My Paternity Test?

There is a wide variety of reasons that someone might want to take a paternity test. However, the underlying reason for any paternity test is to determine whether or not someone is the father of a child. We know that the most important part of your paternity test is the result, which is why we wanted to provide you a brief guide to your paternity test results.

Reading Your Paternity Test Results

Once your DNA sample has been analyzed, you will be given a formal paternity test report that details the likelihood of paternity. Find the section labled “Probablity of Paternity” at the bottom of the report. This value will be separated into one of two categories – inclusion or exclusion,

  • Inclusion: In cases where the mother, father and child are all tested, a probability of 99.99% or greater indicates that the tested man is the biological father.
  • Exclusion: A probability of 0% indicates that the tested man is NOT the biological father.

It is impossible to reach a value of 100% because the DNA sample is tested against a population database. This means that every man on earth would need to be tested to have a complete database. However, a value of 99.99% or greater eliminates an overwhelming number of other men within the database – virtually ensuring that the tested man is the biological father.

A value less than 99.99% is considered inconclusive and further testing is required to achieve conclusive results.

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