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How DNA Testing Can Boost Your Tax Returns

How DNA Testing Can Boost Your Tax Returns

How DNA Testing Can Boost Your Tax Returns

Corporate fear and depressing refund failures don’t have to define tax season. By verifying costs, you didn’t even realize were eligible for credits and deductions, DNA testing may increase returns. Every year, retrieving money from the IRS becomes simpler as DNA analysis improves accuracy and customer accessibility.

Ever questioned whether there were tax breaks that you could be taking advantage of? With modern DNA testing, you can find unexpected methods to receive more outstanding sums returned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state revenue authorities. Continue reading to discover how ChoiceDNA’s straightforward DNA tests might help you uncover unrecognized or undervalued tax benefits.

DNA testing that may be completed at home and used to back up tax return claims. You could be able to get thousands more cash back than you presently receive with only a short mouth swab. DNA testing offers a way to interact with tax laws and safeguards that would not otherwise be available. As genetics increasingly integrates into government procedures and enterprises, check out how ChoiceDNA enables you to find missed deductions using the most recent identification analysis.

Verify Child Tax Credits Using DNA Testing

It is costly enough to raise children without having to forfeit tax credits. On the other hand, false child claims may result in repeated IRS audits and credit compensation demands. Before filing, use a legal DNA paternity test to confirm biological connections. In order to qualify for the entire child tax credit and extra child tax reductions, ensure you appropriately list your children as dependents.

You can get up to thousands of dollars in cash for each child under the child tax credit. You must demonstrate that you or your partner are the biological or adoptive parent of each kid. For more convincing IRS claims, blood testing definitively confirms genetic ties. Verify your eligibility and get the full child tax credit by providing proof of a genetic relationship to dependents.

There are 3 ways of claiming a tax return:

  • Claiming a Child as Dependent
  • Qualify for Child Tax Credit
  • Getting Tax Credits for Child and Dependent care

Legal Paternity Test and Tax Audits

The IRS mandates that all DNA sample collection and shipping be overseen by an authorized witness to accept paternity test findings. This ensures that test subjects are who they claim to be and that a chain of custody is upheld throughout the testing process. The results of an at-home exam are not acceptable to the IRS.

In terms of legal paternity testing, ChoiceDNA is at the forefront. We can assist in setting up a chain-of-custody test in your location with our mobile service if you call us.

How do you find out if you’re eligible for the Child Tax Credit?

The Child Tax Credit has several easy conditions, most of which are fundamental. For instance, finding your child’s age, citizenship, Social Security number, and marital status is usually simple. However, demonstrating your bond with your child is one of the needs that occasionally presents challenges. The IRS accepts the child’s birth certificate as documentation of your parental relationship. Nonetheless, not every state mandates that the father’s name appears on the child’s birth certificate.

Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA with Our Testing Services

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Genetic Testing for Audit Protection

Taxation troubles reach their highest point when a small error triggers a thorough IRS audit and possible fines. To reduce the chance of an audit, ensure your documents are squared before submitting, and be comfortable answering questions about them. If disagreements occur or exemptions are rejected, DNA analysis serves as impartial evidence to swiftly settle conflicts in your favor. Genetic testing officially certifies that your paperwork line correct, adding a safety net in case the IRS arrives for an inspection this year. Avoid financial fines by managing your audit anxiety. Spend more time enjoying your reward rather than arguing over minute details on the return of taxes.


Simple DNA tests during tax season can increase your refund, so don’t waste money. ChoiceDNA verifies to find out how much money you will receive back from the IRS. With genetics-based analysis, you may ascertain legal connections, caregiver positions, and more, avoiding fines and expediting approval processes in the event of an audit. Get back economic security and authority by claiming all those tax credits you are now probably missing out on. Everyone may affordably and efficiently increase returns via DNA analysis with a cheek swab.

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