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Dutch Train Workers Collect DNA to Press Charges Against Spitting Travelers

Dutch Train Workers Collect DNA to Press Charges Against Spitting Travelers

This year, Amsterdam public transport staff have been armed with a different kind of tool to help them keep traffic moving: a spit collection kit. Disgruntled passengers are known to spit on transportation workers on busy train routes. To hold these people accountable for their actions, violated workers can now collect the person’s DNA from their spit, which is then tested against the national database to search for this person’s DNA profile.

Last year alone, 23 incidents of spitting on workers were reported, although the actual number of incidents is estimated to be much higher. Now armed with a cotton swab, rubber gloves, and a plastic collection tube, workers are collecting DNA if they are spit upon in hopes of reducing the number of incidents. Dutch police and the Justice Minister are working with the transportation workers to take legal action against the perpetrators.

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July 2024