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DNA Testing Proves Former U.S. President Harding Fathered a Love Child

DNA Testing Proves Former U.S. President Harding Fathered a Love Child

A decades old mystery has been solved – only through the advances of cutting edge DNA testing. It has long been rumored that the 29th President of the United States, Warren Harding, fathered a child with his mistress Nan Britton. It has taken the passing of several generations and many long years for family members on both sides to finally agree to submit to DNA testing, but when they eventually did, the results confirmed the suspicions of many.

What caused so much of the suspicion around the ancestry of Elizabeth, Harding’s alleged daughter, was the fact that the President was suspected to be infertile due to contracting the mumps as a child. Furthermore, the claims that Harding had a love child were further disputed once Nan Britton spoke out about the affair years after Harding’s death. Short on money, she published a book claiming Harding was the father of her child: her claims were dismissed and her credibility was undermined as people felt she was tarnishing the deceased President’s reputation.

DNA Speaks for Itself

Only with recent advances in DNA testing was the true lineage of Harding’s suspected daughter able to be proven, and the claims of a woman who knew the truth validated. If you are curious about the paternity of your child, call the Choice DNA professionals at (800) 219-4362 – we are here to confidentially answer some of life’s biggest questions.

July 2024