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DNA Testing Myths: 4 Myths You Need To Know About

DNA Testing Myths: 4 Myths You Need To Know About

There are a number of reasons why DNA testing is essential. It can help with solving a crime, in the instance of a custody battle, or wanting information on your ancestry. With everything, there are a ton of myths associated with DNA testing; it’s important to get the facts straight in case you are wanting to use DNA testing services. Here are four DNA testing myths you need to know about.

DNA testing myths
Know What DNA Testing Myths Are True or False.

“You Have to Wait Until the Baby Is Born For Paternal DNA Testing.”

It actually can be done through Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), or Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) testing. NIPP is a good method because like the name says, it’s non-invasive; with a blood test, parents are able to find out who the father is.

“Have To Give A Blood Sample For DNA Testing”

This is a DNA testing myth that is not true. You can use blood, hair, and other fluids for DNA testing. One of the most popular methods being a cheek swab, which is fast and painless.

“DNA Testing Isn’t Accurate”

While at-home DNA testing kits are not accurate, DNA testing that is done at an AABB Accredited or is ACLASS accredited testing center, then testing is completely accurate.

“It’s Too Expensive To Get DNA Testing”

When it comes to court cases involving crimes, child custody, or paternity, yes, the DNA tests might be a little more expensive. However, there are at-home DNA testing kits that are pretty affordable.

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June 2024