Discounted Local DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Testing San Jose, CA

When you are in need of affordable, accurate DNA testing services in San Jose, CA, contact Choice DNA. Our consultants will help you determine the best DNA test for your needs. The process of DNA testing is simple and extremely accurate. Due to advances in technology, we are capable of determining extremely accurate results from DNA samples. In fact, our lab is even accredited with the American Association of Blood Banks which means that you can request a DNA test that is court admissible.

We also specialize in immigration DNA testing in San Jose. If you or a loved one needs to prove a relationship to a US citizen through a court ordered DNA test, then we can help you. We will provide you with fast results and we will be happy to send your results to the appropriate government agency. Our goal is for you to have the knowledge you need when you need it.

Because we have over 3,000 locations nationwide, we are able to provide fast results. Once you call our consultants we will work on setting up a DNA testing within 24 hours. Then when we receive your DNA sample, we generally only need 2-3 days to get you your results. When you receive your results, we will provide you with a detailed elaboration of the findings. And we will include an easy to understand breakdown of what your results mean.

Variety of DNA Tests

We can assist you with any of the following DNA related testing services:

We can assist anyone with DNA testing services including individuals, families, businesses, law enforcement and more. Our motto is that “Knowing is Believing” and we can help you uncover the knowledge you need to put any questions to rest. From helping someone discover the biological father of their child, to assisting a company with drug testing, our lab is equipped to handle all your DNA testing needs.

For San Jose, CA, DNA testing services, contact Choice DNA. Call our consultants today to determine the right DNA test for your needs.

Online Face Recognition App

Online face recognition has revolutionized the conventional DNA testing procedures. With facial recognition apps and softwares available everywhere, it is easy to stop identity theft. Choice DNA has built an amazing application that accurately recognizes a person’s face inch by inch. Download the application today and get all your DNA tests done online with the same accuracy. 

Court Ordered Paternity Test

Choice DNA is a court accredited and licensed DNA testing center that offers accurate court approved paternity testing near me. Our staff is highly skilled and trained to avoid any errors or tampering of evidence. We carefully carry out every procedure according to the rules and regulations set by the court. Our testing centers are available all across San Jose, CA. 

At Home DNA Paternity Test Kit

You can easily find Choice DNA’s at-home DNA paternity test kits near me in San Jose, CA. They are available quite easily at any drug store. Hence, offering you a discrete way of paternity testing. Carry out your paternity test at home with easy and get the same exact results that are as accurate as a test done in our centers.

May 2024