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DNA Testing Fort Wayne, IN

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Looking for reliable DNA Testing in Fort Wayne, IN? Call our consultants at Choice DNA. We provide local DNA testing services for affordable rates. Our lab is accredited with the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) which means we can provide you with results that are court admissible and admissible in any governmental agency across the United States. We can assist you with paternity testing, immigration DNA testing and more! If you are uncertain which service will best fit your needs, feel free to call us for a free consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist you and will help ensure you understand every step of the testing process.

Choice DNA is a well established, reliable DNA testing company. We have over 6,100 locations nationwide, so you are never far from a collection center. We are able to provide fast results, usually within 2-3 days of receiving your sample. Our goal is to provide you with confidence and the knowledge you are seeking. We maintain that “Knowing is Believing.”

Services Offered

We provide a wide array of DNA testing services and we have a DNA test to fit almost any need. DNA is a powerful tool that can be used to unearth a massive amount of knowledge about relationships. From discovering your family’s ancestry to establishing paternity, DNA can assist you in finding out the truth.

The following are all services offered by our team:

If you are uncertain about the DNA testing process, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We can help you locate your local Fort Wayne DNA Testing location, and we can walk you through the process. When your results are in, we will mail them to you in an easy to understand format. Our goal is for the process to be simple and stress free for you.

For DNA tests in Fort Wayne, IN, turn to the name you can trust: Choice DNA.

Court Ordered Paternity Test

Disputes on inheritance can lead to legal cases where the court might order a paternity test. Choice DNA can help solve your problems by helping you with legal paternity testing near me in Fort Wayne, IN. Take the right step today and get a court approved paternity test done at our testing facilities.

DNA Face Matching App

Choice DNA introduces a state-of-the-art application that allows you to recognize individuals and create facial profiles with just one click. The DNA face matching app is the newest innovation in the field of DNA testing to help avoid identity theft, discover ancestry, and establish long lost relationships. 

Paternity Testing while Pregnant

Willing to take a paternity test while pregnant and avoid any doubts before the baby is born? Choice DNA offers paternity testing while pregnant near me in different areas of Fort Wayne, IN. Take your paternity test today and clear all misunderstandings and doubts before birth. 

June 2024