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Do you need dependable DNA testing services in Austin, TX? If so, then give Choice DNA Testing a call! You can speak with any of our consultants in regards to the DNA service that you need.We are happy to assist you with confidential, sympathetic, and careful DNA testing. When you need reliable results, trust the experts at Choice DNA Testing. Results arrive quickly, so you have less anxiety and more clarity. In fact, after we receive your sample, we typically offer results in no more than two to three days. Need more information? Contact us today:

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Regardless of your need, our skilled team can provide you with answers across a variety of DNA tests. If you are unsure of the type of test you need, never fear: the experts at Choice DNA Testing will guide you in the right direction. Our Austin, TX location is just one of over 6,100 locations nationwide, so you are never very far from our trusted services. As a tool to learn about ourselves and other people, few things can approach the certainty of DNA. We guarantee our accurate results against the great advances in recent DNA technology. Our primary philosophy? Knowing is Believing.

Our Services

If you don’t see the services you need listed, contact us for help anytime. When you contact us for services, we act quickly. In most cases, we will set up your DNA collection in less than 24 hours.We take pride in the reputation we’ve built on service and exactness in Austin, TX and throughout the country.

Immigration testing stands as one of our specialties. This service is generally required for family members interested in a move to the United States. DNA tests come into play when more than birth certificates and school records are required. Since we have accreditation with the American Association of Blood Banks, the results we provide have admissibility in any U.S. court or governmental agency.

Need to learn more? Contact us right away for DNA testing services in Austin, TX. Our phone number is (800) 219-4362.