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How DNA Testing Can Benefit Your Immigration Case

How DNA Testing Can Benefit Your Immigration Case

Immigration DNA Test

There are many reasons why you may be dealing with an immigration case . You may want to immigrate to the country for many reasons. Maybe you are handling the case on behalf of a family member. You and your family simply want to start your new life. Regardless immigration can be a long and difficult process and leave you and your loved ones with a lot of paperwork. There are even situations in which you may need to get a DNA test to add to your paperwork.

What is Immigration DNA Testing?


Usually used specifically for cases that involve a family, immigration DNA testing is used to identify that everyone involved is indeed family. This test will work for identifying paternity, maternity, and even siblings. If you do not have the appropriate documentation to prove identity, such as birth certificate, this will come into play. The results are sent to the court for review.

How Do I Handle It?

If you have a court ordered DNA testing required, get with an accredited lab to comp[lete your testing. If you are looking for a way to make things go smoother for your case, consider getting a DNA test prior to filing for your case. The lab will produce a thorough report that you can add to your packet and turn in. This will prevent lengthening of the immigration process and help you and your family’s cause.

DNA and Immigration legalities

With more families pursuing nationality and the legalization of immigration, DNA testing has become a potent tool for proving ancestry when traditional evidence is lacking. In genetic research, ChoiceDNA offers specialized immigration DNA testing to expedite case resolution and streamline procedures.

Creating Biological Connections

The most frequent use case is establishing genetic ties between family and immigrants with inadequate or inconsistent documentation. When records such as birth certificates are inaccessible, DNA matches can provide scientific evidence of parent-child or sibling relationships. Approvals increase in likelihood by removing doubts regarding biological ties that are asserted. Additionally, this DNA verification stops immigration fraud.

Recovering Lost Records

Certified genetic link records were either lost or poorly maintained in many regions of the world. When establishing ancestry is essential to immigration requests, DNA matches substitute for official paperwork. DNA offers documentation, regardless of the reason inadequate recordkeeping, natural catastrophes that wipe out files, etc. Testing genetic correlations can even authenticate changes made to official government papers.

Preventing Postponement and Delay

When alleged familial ties appear shaky, or there is insufficient evidence, immigration petitions usually come to a standstill. A prolonged detention period awaiting verification may result from subsequent background checks and inquiries to ascertain legitimacy. By confirming relationships up front, actively including immigration DNA proof from ChoiceDNA when filing applications reduces administrative delays.

Minimize Challenging Litigation

The amount of paperwork required for immigration claims increases dramatically in homes with complicated family structures brought about by the adoption process and stepchildren problems. Test all proposed biological links to meet standards and simplify resolution expeditiously. For practical, fruitful results, let ChoiceDNA handle your immigration DNA testing and consultancy needs.

Use ChoiceDNA’s experience with genetic testing rather than wrangling complex immigration demands without solid proof. DNA validates even the most elusive familial ties, facilitating the swift and easy approval of additional applications.

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