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DNA Test Confirms 2 Canadian Men Switched at Birth

DNA Test Confirms 2 Canadian Men Switched at Birth

Norman Barkman and Luke Monias grew up as close friends that shared the same birthday. But they recently discovered there’s more that they share: their families. Barkman and Monias were born in the same hospital on the same night and were accidentally switched by nurses. After years of suspicion and striking resemblance to each other’s families, the two confirmed the question that they were indeed switched at birth through DNA testing.

Canadian officials are now dealing with the question of how to remedy the situation, and whether or not any other children could have been switched in the previously state operated hospital. While the men are reeling from the mistake of the hospital staff, they are grateful to finally know the truth about the suspicions they have held for their entire lives. Without DNA testing, they may have never rightfully known their true identity.

Confirming Relationships

The capabilities of DNA testing have grown dramatically, and now virtually all types of relationships can be confirmed. Siblings, parents, grandparents, even aunts and uncles can finally have answers to some of life’s most ambiguous questions.

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May 2024