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Why Are Companies Using Hair Drug Testing?

Why Are Companies Using Hair Drug Testing?

Hair Drug Testing

Many companies require their employees to pass a drug test before being hired and ask them to take drug tests periodically during their employment. With recent advances in technology, drug testing has become more sophisticated and accurate. If you need someone to handle your employee drug tests, [nw_data field=company] is here to serve. We provide a variety of services, including hair drug testing.

What is Hair Drug Testing

The most common form of company drug tests is through a urine sample, but many organizations are opting to go with hair drug testing, which involves testing1.5-inch hair that was cut very close to the scalp. There are many reasons why this is becoming a popular method to test for drug abuse:

It is harder to Cheat
Some people try to cheat drug tests by providing someone else’s urine sample. Hair samples are collected by a professional, which means it can’t be changed by the person being tested.

It is more accurate
Hair drug testing has been proven to be almost ten times more accurate than a regular urine test. It can also show the abuse of a wide range of drugs, include cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

It Is Accurate for Longer
There is a 24 to 48 hour window for urine drug testing. Hair drug testing can provide accurate results for several months after the incident.

Easy Sample Collection 

Hair sample collection is a quick and easy procedure that may be carried out in almost any place. In contrast to urine tests, which need specific collection locations, hair may be collected anywhere, even in workplaces and warehouses. For field staff, this makes testing and scheduling easier. Furthermore, hair testing’s visual component eliminates any doubt regarding sample integrity. Unlike Urine collection, Hair samples do not need extra care, and there is less chance of contamination. Hair is washed to lose any contaminated material that can alter the results. This cannot be done with any other sample collection. 

Decreased Fears of Discrimination

Urine test failures for valid medical reasons can occasionally occur, raising the possibility of discrimination claims and appeals. ChoiceDNA’s hair testing significantly lowers the possibility of discriminatory lawsuits by depending more on visible evidence than hidden medical problems. It gives workers transparency to be able to examine samples with their eyes.

 Detail Drug Use Report

Hair screening detects drug use and shows consumption patterns over time based on the area of hair growth that includes drug metabolites. Employers that see behavioral shifts in their staff might utilize this knowledge to focus on help programs and act before losing essential team members. Problems can be fixed by comprehending past trends.

Assurance of Compliance

When personnel in regulated businesses fail drug tests, such as the transportation and medical sectors, the consequences can be severe. Using the most cutting-edge detection methods available, hair follicle examination gives these businesses a means of proving compliance. This shifts the risk of culpability in cases involving drug usage by employees.


Hair drug testing, when done correctly by a supplier such as ChoiceDNA, fulfills all the requirements for screening that an organization has.

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July 2024