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Common Items That Can Cause a Failed Drug Test

Common Items That Can Cause a Failed Drug Test

Drug TestWhether you’re about to start a new job or you’ve been in the same position for quite some time, a drug test is inevitable for most companies. The reasons for having drug tests can vary. It can be pre-employment, which weeds out potential candidates that could pose a risk to certain work environments. Another reason is just for a reasonable cause, which helps maintain the safety of the work environment by deterring current employees from using recreational drugs. Either way, if your test comes back positive, you could lose out on an opportunity that you could have had or had already. Some may think, “As long as I stay away from drugs, I’m a

Some may think, “As long as I stay away from drugs, I’m a shoe-in!” That isn’t always the case. Truth be told, there are many foods and common items that can cause a failed a drug test and we’re here to tell you what some of them are.

  • Hemp Products – Hemp oil, seeds, milk, etc. all contain THC. And if you consume any of these on a regular basis, you could test positive. Unfortunately, the test can’t tell the difference between those and actual marijuana.
  • Ibuprofen – Ingesting this over the counter painkiller can cause you to test positive for marijuana, barbiturates, and a number of other substances. The best option is to just take a Tylenol instead.
  • Poppy Seeds – It normally takes at least 48 hours to clear out of your system.

So if you steer clear of these items, and actual drugs, then you’re golden. Are interested in learning more about the everyday items that can cause a failed drug test? Contact the experts at Choice DNA at (800) 219-4362 today.

May 2024