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The Benefits of Having a Relationship DNA Test

The Benefits of Having a Relationship DNA Test

Relationship DNA Test

There are many reasons to get DNA testing; either you want to establish paternity or want to find out more about your ancestry, DNA testing can help determine these things. One of best tests is a relationship DNA test, which allows people to find out what kind of relationship they have with another person. Below are the benefits of having a relationship DNA test performed.

Sibling Testing

Sibling testing is a type of test is to help determine if two people are siblings. With our testing, we are able to determine not only if these individuals are related, but what genes they share, as well.

Twin Testing

We already know that twins are related but the point of the test is to verify if the twins are identical or fraternal. While some people believe that they can figure this out by looking at the children, a DNA test is the only sure way of knowing.

Grandparentage Testing

It might seem unusual to have a DNA test to establish grandparentage, but there are cases where if both parents are deceased and they want to determine if children are in fact related to them, they can use the DNA of both grandparents. This is just as good as a paternity DNA test.

Avuncular Testing

Avuncular testing refers to testing individuals to learn if they are the aunt or uncle of a child. Like the grandparentage DNA testing, avuncular testing is in place if the parents are deceased or unable to provide DNA testing; this test can provide familial proof.

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June 2024