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Benefits of a Court Admissible Paternity Test

Benefits of a Court Admissible Paternity Test

While a simple DNA paternity test can be helpful, you might need a court admissible test in some situations. If you are considering a paternity DNA test, consider the benefits of a court admissible paternity test.

No Chance of Tampering

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Required for Legal and Court Purposes, Consider a Court Admissible Paternity Test

The primary difference between a personal DNA paternity test and a court admissible one is the presence of a third party or witness. Instead of a kit being mailed to you, it will be mailed to the third party, who will ship the samples after collection. This process removes the opportunity for an alleged father, child, or other party to tamper with the samples. While an at-home kit is often just as accurate, court require a more thorough approach. In some cases, you might want that additional level of assurance for yourself as well.

Results May be Used in Court

Even if you are not currently involved in a court case where a court admissible test is required, it may come up in the future. If you are going to pay for a personal test, it is not much more to upgrade. This way, you can keep the records for use in court, if you ever need them. While you might not anticipate problems, you cannot predict the future. An accurate, legal paternity test could be extremely valuable down the road.

The benefits of a court admissible paternity test are significant, and are absolutely critical if you are or think you might need to go to court. Call Choice DNA at [nw_data field=phone] to learn more about court admissible paternity testing today!

June 2024