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Bad Service & DNA Testing

Bad Service & DNA Testing

DNA Testing

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, and avoided complaining about mistakes made to your meal for fear of retaliation? We’ve all heard the stories of disgruntled food service employees tampering with customers’ orders and unfortunately, this couple experienced it firsthand!

In upstate New York, a couple went to a Chili’s location to eat. Their experience was less than stellar, as their food was under-cooked, and they didn’t receive their full order. They spoke with the waiter to let him know, and they asked for to-go drinks as they left. When they got to the car, they noticed something unpleasant in one of the drinks. Upon further inspection, it looked like spit, and a lot of it.

The couple returned to the restaurant and asked to speak with the waiter in question, but they were denied. The manager offered them coupons and a refund, while seemingly brushing off the ordeal.  So the couple called the police, and sent in the drink for testing at a DNA lab. Officers were able to obtain the waiter’s DNA with a warrant, and the DNA samples were compared.

Unsurprisingly, the waiter’s DNA was a match, and he pleaded guilty in court. He was charged with disorderly conduct, and was fined $125. The couple went on to sue the restaurant as well as the waiter for negligence.

DNA Testing delivers the Answers and Evidence.

There are many complicated instances in life where it seems hard to find the truth about something. Whether you’re looking for answers to difficult family questions, seeking justice against wrongdoing, or getting confirmation about your health, conclusive solutions sometimes seem just out of your grasp. But it was only until now that this problem existed. Amazing progress in DNA testing means that almost every human encounter for which facts are painfully difficult can now have concrete biological verification. Being the top DNA testing company, ChoiceDNA gives you affordable, practical, and, most importantly, guaranteed security and independence, enabling you to harness the potential of biological knowledge.

The incident

Picture yourself confidently seeking justice against people who betray you and take advantage of the fact that you cannot catch them in the act. In light of this unsettling restaurant payback event, it seems unlikely that any misconduct would be shown without video proof or by having witnesses come forward. The couple encountered doubt and contempt from others who wanted to hide the truth. Unless the irrefutable biological facts were established. DNA tests linked the guilty individual to the biological makeup of the offender. The pair overcame obstacles such as deceitful supervisors, legal issues, and reliability problems by suddenly possessing unquestionable scientific evidence. Notwithstanding administrative opposition, DNA revealed what was true.

Truth with ChoiceDNA

With discoveries including paternity assurance, health evaluation, and historical lineage tracking, ChoiceDNA provides the genetic resources you need for rewriting the legacy on your terms. DNA facts can reveal your entire biological story. With immediate accessibility to your detailed genetic profile, you have more ability than ever to slice through the ever-growing complexity of the world. Give yourself access to the power of genetic research now with ChoiceDNA.

If you ever find yourself in need of reliable DNA testing that will hold up in court, give us a call at 800-219-4362! Our services are fast, reliable, and completely accurate.

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