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At birth, do hospitals perform paternity tests?

At birth, do hospitals perform paternity tests?

As one of the top DNA testing companies in the United States, we have been asked multiple times by our customers is do hospitals do paternity tests at birth. Many of the expected parents don’t think NIPP testing or usually non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is a great option, so they just wait for the delivery. as a result, parents want to find out if they can have the DNA test at the hospital or do they have wait for few months so that baby can get bigger and older. These are great questions, and in this article, you will have all the needed information to make a sound decision.

We have seen many people asking about do hospitals do DNA tests at birth and the answer to this question is yes, hospital do paternity at birth right after they clean the baby. As a cheek swab is used to perform the task, it is very crucial that the baby mouth should be free from the formula, breast milk, amniotic fluid, or meconium when DNA collection is performed. At birth you always gets free DNA test services but you should know professional DNA test cost.

Helpful tips for DNA tests in hospitals regarding infants and kids

  • You should not feed the baby or even give him water for an hour before swabbing. This will not change the DNA or affect the result, but it can contaminate the sample, and the collection process might need to be performed again.
  • Performing the swab while the baby is sleeping. According to many professionals, it is very hard to swab a wiggling and squirming baby so doing it while they are asleep is a great solution to this problem.
  • Always make sure that you are rubbing each swab for at least 30 seconds on the inside area of their cheek, and you should also try to avoid their gum areas.
  • If you think the swab is a little wet, it is better to hold the swab in the air for about a minute and then place it in a paper sample envelope.
  • You should never touch the tip of the swab with your own hand in order to prevent the chance of contamination.

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Why it is crucial to do a DNA test right after the birth of the baby?

There is a time limit for contesting paternity

Many states have a law that enables men to contest the paternity of the child for a certain amount of time after the baby is born, like two years, even if they have signed the birth certificate and acknowledged the paternity of the child. However, if the man does not exercise this right by getting a legal paternity test with results that are court admissible, the court will treat him as the legal father, and he will be obligated to pay child support.

Don’t be shy and get the truth:

As everyone knows, it is quite an uncomfortable moment when you ask for a paternity test in a relationship. However, it is quite beneficial for you in the long run if you identify that the alleged father is the biological father. Similarly, it is not good to wait and then end the relationship between a father and the child once the bond has been created. In addition, it is also good for the child to know the medical history and become eligible to get their biological father’s benefits, and the best way to get these benefits is to go to a hospital or get home DNA paternity test kits.

Moreover, performing a DNA test in the hospital when a child is born is a great method for an unmarried man to prove his biological relationship to the child if he has any kind of doubts in mind regarding the fatherhood of the child. In addition to that, it will also help the man to prevent the scenario where he has to go to court for child support and other legal matters. Furthermore, there is also one another thing that should be kept in consideration while hospitals do paternity tests at birth is that these results will provide great medical information regarding the child, such as medical complexities that can be catered to in the early stages of their life.

Is DNA testing free at the hospital?

There are some time limits when there are DNA tests free at the hospital. However, when it comes to NIPP testing or traditional paternity testing, you should always get the services of a professional DNA testing service to provide, such as Choice DNA.

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