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Differences in Ancestry DNA Testing

Differences in Ancestry DNA Testing

Scientist looking through a microscopeIf you are searching for more information on your family and where you come from, DNA testing has made it simple to find out more about your genealogy through scientific data and research.
Which ancestry DNA test is right for you? Depending on the which side of the family you are researching, there are two types of DNA testing available: Maternal mtDNA and Paternal Y-DNA.

Maternal mtDNA tests are useable by both male and females because both genders carry mitochondrial DNA. Mother’s pass along their mtDNA to their children, any female children will continue to pass on the same DNA. This test will allow you to see the genealogy on your mother’s side by tracing back the DNA passed on through the mothers in the family.

Paternal Y-DNA is a test that can only be used by males because it requires the Y chromosome DNA that females do not have. This test is similar to the maternal DNA results only instead of family history through the DNA matches of male relatives (father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.). If you are a female and researching both sides of the family tree, you could have a male relative (your brother, father, grandfather, uncle, or even a cousin) take the Paternal Y-DNA test in order to get results and information on paternal genealogy.

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July 2024