Advertisements Use DNA on Discarded Litter to Reconstruct Faces, Shame Litter Bugs

The “pick up after me” attitude of many residents and visitors in Hong Kong has led to a huge litter problem – but The Face of Litter campaign by Ogilvy and Mather is seeking to change that. Their goal is to put a face to the anonymous crime of littering and make people think twice before dropping their trash. This is accomplished by reconstructing the faces of litter bugs through the DNA left on their discarded trash and publicly displaying the faces.

The advertising campaign sent DNA samples from discarded cigarettes, gum, and used condoms to a testing lab in the United States. Experts analyzed the DNA to predict hair and eye color, and to create a facial e-fit (Electronic Facial Identification Technique). The faces are posed along with the litter the person dropped and then displayed on electronic billboards in train stations, stores, and other heavily trafficked places.

DNA Technology of Today

While the faces most likely are not a perfect fit, the incredible advancements of today’s technology allow us to use DNA in ways never thought possible. Testing is becoming more reliable and more accurate than ever before. But with such power comes great responsibility – trust Choice DNA for confidential DNA testing services, backed by our years of experience and thousands of loyal customers. Call us today at (800) 219-4362 to begin answering your DNA questions today!

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