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4 Common Reasons for DNA Testing

4 Common Reasons for DNA Testing

4 Common Reasons for DNA Testing

While we might not think that DNA testing could benefit us, there are situations in life where DNA testing is advantageous for a lot of people. Below are four common reasons for DNA testing.

What is the purpose of DNA Testing

DNA testing has transformed our knowledge of genetics and provided us with a wealth of new insights into our identities. Today, ChoiceDNA provide a range of DNA testing that allows you to learn about your ancestry, relationships with your family and hereditary health concerns.
These advanced gene-mapping methods examine the chemical combinations that comprise your unique genetic code. Having a DNA test helps you feel more at ease about possible health problems, facilitates your communication with a distant relative and discloses ancestry that thrilled and surprised you. Today’s DNA testing provides an insight into what makes you uniquely you by identifying the blueprint nature used to create you. Understanding the secrets in our DNA helps bring us all together and elevates us by solving questions about the past and enabling healthier futures.

Establish Paternity

This is one of the most common reasons for DNA testing out there. Say you are with child but you aren’t sure who the father is, a DNA test is a great way to find out who the biological father is and obtain child support. Or if there is a situation where a mother won’t let a father see his child, the father can request DNA testing to establish paternity and the right to see his child.

Rights To an Inheritance

If a mother or father passes away and there is the circumstance where unknown individual claims to be their child, DNA testing is used to determine if said person is really related to the deceased mother or father.

Find Out Ancestry

People have always been fascinated about where they come from and who their ancestors are. With ancestry DNA testing, people can find a link to their past and feel more connected to their ancestors.

Sibling Confirmation

Sometimes two people who think they are siblings will get DNA testing in order to confirm their relationship. However, sibling DNA test will not confirm who the father is; that is a completely separate DNA test that can be achieved with the permission and cooperation of said father.

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