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DNA Testing: Discovering Paternity Without The Father Present

DNA Testing: Discovering Paternity Without The Father Present

father and sonNeeding a paternity test can be a confusing situation, especially if the father in question is unwilling or unable to take part in the test. But as DNA testing has developed, the ability to determine paternity without the father’s DNA has developed as well. By analyzing the DNA from a suspected male relative, a relationship through the paternal line can be established, but this type of testing is only possible in males.

Y Chromosome Testing

This testing between male relatives is referred to as “Y Chromosome” testing, as only males have a Y chromosome in their DNA sequence. Females are equipped with two X chromosomes while males have one X and one Y. As males pass their Y chromosome from generation to generation, this chromosome remains virtually unchanged, allowing for reliable analysis of a genetic relationship between males who share a male relative.

Perhaps you are exploring Y chromosome testing for your son. If the suspected father cannot provide a sample for a DNA test, collaborating with your son’s relatives from the suspected father’s side will make Y chromosome possible. Your son’s paternal male cousins, uncles, or grandfather would be able to participate in Y chromosome testing.

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