Discounted Local DNA Paternity Testing

Thank You Discounts

Discounted DNA Paternity Testing

Thank you for your DNA Face Match purchase. As a special thank you please take advantage of the customer appreciation discounts below. At Choice DNA LLC, you can get a legally admissible paternity test for $320 $285 because we are committed to providing such results at a fair price. It will normally be completed in two to five business days.

The cost for paternity tests are as follows:

  • Non Legal paternity test AT YOUR LOCAL OFFICE (one child and one alleged father): $225 $200
  • Non Legal home DNA test kit MAILED TO YOU (for one child and one alleged father): $180 $175
  • Legal paternity test (one child and one alleged father): $320 $285

Our home paternity tests are 99.99% accurate and confidential. If you need any further information about DNA paternity testing, we’re here to help. A paternity test will provide definitive answers about a child’s father.

Paternity Tests: Just The Facts

Your results will be available two to five business days after the samples have been collected. Your report will include the entire genetic profile for each person who was tested. You’ll also receive a legal document about the results that is approved for court use throughout the country. In addition, you will get an explanation of the results in layman’s terms. If you need the results to be forwarded to someone else, such as legal counsel, we can arrange to do so.

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May 2024